Kick Off Your Weekend With A KoRn’s ‘Finally Free’ Video

You know what sucks, KoRn told us at Download Festival 2018 they’d be back soon and then they released their latest masterpiece The Nothing (our review here) then covid hit and now no one gets KoRn – well not the good kind anyway!

To keep themselves occupied they did a cover of ‘The Devil Went Down To Georgia‘ a couple of months back and now they’re keeping their latest album alive by dropping a video for the song ‘Finally Free‘ but with a bit of a twist.

This is probably showing the age of KoRn fans nowadays but the video is a tie in with the mobile phone game your dad probably plays called World of Tanks Blitz – an Online 3d PvP War Game Shooter! This isn’t the first time KoRn have dived into video game world though, they did a virtual concert in the games AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds before the release of The Nothing and it went well so I guess they’ve found a new calling, getting fans from video games!

Think outside the box like KoRn and you’ll make it through the apocalypse that is life I say! Check it out below!

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