YEAH THE BONES! Bare Bones Debut New Song ‘Avarice’

Sydney riff lords Bare Bones aren’t going to let a pandemic slow them down with the surprise news out today that they’ve recorded and new song during COVID-19 and it fucking rips harrrrrd!!!!

Having only just released their sophomore album Rival Minds just under a year ago (our review here) the lads decided to hit the studio since they couldn’t tour and the end result is well worth their time and effort.

On the new song’s inspiration, the boys revealed:

“‘Avarice’ is inspired by the constant flood of injustices and atrocities that have made up the 2020 news cycle”

With everything from the Black Lives Matter global movement, the Climate Change protests and the way our governments have their fingers stuck up their arses criticising each other instead of working together for a solution to our current pandemic crisis, this anthem couldn’t have come at a better time, especially when you realise the meaning of the song is extreme greed for wealth or material gain. Something political “leaders” are reknown for doing and something we’ve seen a lot lately during this year.

Speaking about COVID, we asked the boys how it hit them, especially since they couldn’t tour their latest album properly due to restrictions:

“COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on everyone, for us, having live music shut down only a few short months after the release of Rival Minds was super difficult, as Bare Bones has always been primarily about getting out there to promote our music in the live setting. We have been making the most of lockdown as a band to write and record new material, and be creative in other ways, such as launching a new online merch store, and working on artwork for future releases”

Keen as hell to see what they do next, until then, get ‘Aravice‘ into ya below!

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