Reside Return With New Single ‘Fallen’

Melbourne emo/punk outfit Reside are back with a brand new single, ‘Fallen’ today and we’re seeing the band shed a new kinda ambience we haven’t really heard from them before. ‘Fallen’ sees the five-piece hone in on a mystical aura with soaring “whoa-oh’s” driving the track. Frontman Liam Guinane explains:

Fallen serves as a bit of a transition for the band’s sound and direction, taking more influence and elements from post punk and new wave but still retains the core alternative rock and emo sound that we’ve established before.

It’s the first new song we’ve heard from Reside since their 2019 EP, The Light That You Saw, and sees them joining the new wave of emo/punk alongside Movements, Basement and Citizen. If you enjoy your music a little more moody, definitely get behind these guys!

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