Wake The Blind Give Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’ A Decent Metalcore Makeover

Earlier this year, we opened the blinds to Melbourne metalcore upcomers Wake the Blind who absolutely impressed us with their debut EP, Broken Casket (our review here) and to be perfectly honest, it hasn’t left our regular listening schedule since its release. The band self-describe themselves as nu-metalcore, and they’re kinda following a style similar to that of Void of Vision, another band who we couldn’t get enough of last year.

Wake the Blind are continuing their quest to dominate in 2020 with a freakin’ meaty cover of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Bulls On Parade’. Emitting waves of breakdowns and a metalcore touch to the ’90s classic with the help of their friend Steve Cannatelli, these guys are set to destroy your living rooms with their explosive blend of ‘core.

Once you’ve gotten a taste of their take on ‘Bulls On Parade’, hit repeat for one more dose then get into the rest of their songs. Promise you, you won’t regret it!


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