YUNGBLUD Drops New Single ‘Strawberry Lipstick’

UK alt/pop misfit YUNGBLUD has returned to form in his latest single, Strawberry Lipstick’. While his previous singles lately (‘Weird!’ and ’11 Minutes’) have leaned towards a sonic, poppier ambience and you were still 50/50 on him, then maybe this latest release will convince you to finally get onto his 2018 stellar debut full-length, 21st Century Liability (which is absolute mayhem).

‘Strawberry Lipstick’ sees the young rocker in full-blown anarchy, only like a true Brit would. The video shows YUNGBLUD rocking every icon that’s been synonymous to punk rock since forever. Look, I’m not gonna lie, I love the attitude he brings with his music and if he’s part of the wave bringing back guitars to the mainstream then I’m all for it!

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