Hot Milk Drop The Heat On New Single ‘California’s Burning’

Following two single releases earlier this year, UK emo pop powerhouse Hot Milk have dropped yet another track, and this one might just be the their most progressive track yet. Lightly inspired by last month’s US riots, ‘California’s Burning’ sees the band taking their music down a dark alley, fusing together rap style verses, infectious pop choruses and incorporating a heavy breakdown, which is something we haven’t yet heard from this rising act yet.

If you’re familiar with Hot Milk’s debut EP Are You Feeling Alive (2019), you’ll recognise the musical progression here. While the band’s pop sensibilities are ever so evident, dual vocalists Han Mee and Jim Shaw take an edgier turn by throwing off huge vibes of musical diversity with the addition of heavier, hip hop and rock elements.

‘California’s Burning’ is a huge vibe in 2020, and we are living for this song so much. Can these guys drop a full-length already?!

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