Aburden Drop B-Side ‘Ghost Dance’ Feat. Lizi Blanco & Mikey Arthur

If you started your week fresh AF with a big smile on your face, prepare to burst into tears as you listen to Aburden‘s B-Side track ‘Ghost Dance‘ which dropped overnight, featuring the alluring vocals of The Beautiful Monument‘s Lizi Blanco and the growling yells of The Gloom In The Corner‘s Mikey Arthur on guesties!

This song is not only heartbreaking, but an incredible piece of music that should be heard loud (as loud as possible), especially by those of you going through a breakup. From the opening lines of “Finally I can see/That you never loved me/Because you could never love yourself” through to the closing duel vocalist exchange between Aburden‘s Mason Forster and Lizi, you’re in for a wild ride of emotions… be sure to get some tissues handy prior!

On the track itself, the band says:

While we, Aburden, are extremely proud of and excited to bring to you our new release, ‘Ghost Dance,’ we firmly believe that there is currently a more important matter that deserves our attention.

The current ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, including the recent peaceful protests, is the outcome of the prevalence of systematic racism not only in America, but worldwide. As an Australian band, we recognise Australia’s dark history with our indigenous community. A history of illegal settlement, genocide, racism, segregation and slavery. However, we recognise that this is not just history, but this racism and the impacts of the injustices imposed on our indigenous peoples still exists and still hurts today. Thus, we cannot ignore or forget our culpability, past and present.

We urge you to listen to those who through these protests are trying to have their voices finally heard. We urge you to absorb it all and learn from it and if you can in some way make a change. If you can’t find the time to listen to our music now, we completely understand. Our music will be there for you when the right time comes.

Further, the song we have released was written in 2016 before the release of our debut EP ‘My Old Friend.’ The song at the time was not released and we instead decided to use sections of its lyrics in our songs ‘19’ and ‘Don’t Say.’ We wanted to release this song as a thank you to all of our fans and supporters.

Thank you for reading this and for your continued support. Keep engaging in the fight against police brutality and systematic racism and know in that fight we stand with you.

If you would like to donate, below are some links you can use to do so:

VIC – https://vals.org.au/
NT – http://naaja.org.au/
NSW & ACT – https://alsnswact.org.au/
WA – https://www.als.org.au/
SA – https://alrm.org.au/
QLD – https://atsils.org.au/
TAS – http://tacinc.com.au/

USA – https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

In case you were wondering, no the band isn’t back from their “farewell” status, but you can at least enjoy (or try to enjoy) this new track until that time and day comes…

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