Palaye Royale Reveal Opening Track from Forthcoming Album ‘Little Bastards’

Canadian artsy emo rockers Palaye Royale are known to be quite sneaky and mysterious when it comes to their highly anticipated release, The Bastards. When we caught up with the band last year on their debut Australian headline tour, frontman Remington Leith revealed that there was something to come from the graphic novel the band have been working on. Well, looks like we’ve been handed a new sneak peek from that project! The band have just unveiled the video for the opening track from their forthcoming release and it’s titled ‘Little Bastards’.

The animated video was drawn up by the band’s multi-talented drummer Emerson Barrett and XO Billie, who created it out of these times of isolation, basing it off of his graphic novel. The track’s lyrical themes follows on from their previously released song, ‘Lonely’ as well as showcases the band’s tendencies to branch off into a variety of musical styles. Guitarist Sebastian Danzig highlights that it’s just a small taste of what’s to come from the band:

 “Little Bastards’ is the opening track from our third album, The Bastards. Musically we show the direction of the album all in a single track. The vulnerability, the truth and the aggression all wrapped together in a three and a half minute track which will set the listener up for what is to come for the next 14 tracks and what corners we will touch.

Lyrically it trails from our latest release ‘Lonely’ but displaying the frustration and anger towards individuals that are meant to be friends. Visually we wanted to display our current state which is complete isolation from the world; trapped inside a house but yet the toxic society has found its way inside. We have to ‘band’ together to keep our circle of trust and honesty tight.”

Which kinda leaves us with quite high expectations for their new album The Bastards next month. Oooh, looks promising!

The Bastards is out May 29th through Sumerian Records. Pre-order here

palaye royale the bastards

Palaye Royale – The Bastards tracklisting:

Act I:
1. Little Bastards
2. Massacre, The New American Dream
3. Anxiety
4. Tonight is the Night I Die

Act II:
1. Lonely
2. Hang On to Yourself
3. Fucking with My Head
4. Nervous Breakdown

Act III:
1. Nightmares
2. Masochist
3. Doom (Empty)
4. Black Sheep

Act IV:
1. Stay
2. Redeemer
3. Lord of Lies (Bonus track)

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