Remington Leith – Palaye Royale ‘Inside The Life Of Rock’s Best Upcoming Acts’

Palaye Royale first graced Australian shores on last year’s inaugural Good Things Festival and made a killer first impression on us. This Canadian fashion-rock trio have had a massive year so far, having just played a bunch of European festivals, including Download, Reading and Leeds and have also been opening for Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie right across the USA and Canada this past summer. Talk about living the life…

They’ve just just announced the first part of their 2020 world tour: The Bastards, but before they begin that chapter, Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig and Emerson Barrett are heading back to our shores next week to give us an even bigger Palaye experience! So naturally, we had to catch up with frontman Remi Leith in between their hectic touring schedule to chat about their upcoming visit to Australia, his experience working on American Satan, and what else is brewing in the life of one of rock’s best upcoming bands…

Last time we caught you Down Under was at Good Things Festival last December. Now we’ll get to see you do your own thing for a small intimate set of shows up and down the east coast in September! What can Aussie fans expect to see in September?

Yeah, Good Things was amazing. You’ll definitely get a lot more Palaye. You’re gonna get a sunburnt Palaye because we’ll be swimming in the ocean half the time, but you’re definitely gonna see a longer set, and it’s our first headliner over there. We’re just so excited to meet all the fans, give them hugs and thank them for being a part of it all.

You guys are killing it with your two current singles right now though with ‘Fucking With My Head’ and ‘Nervous Breakdown’. What has the reception been like at your current live shows?

It’s been so fucking loud. We’ve been playing ‘Fucking With My Head’ for a while before we actually released it officially, in fact. The crowds have been eating that up, it’s been unreal.

In the lead-up to the music video releases, I heard you sent your fans (known as Soldiers of the Royal Council) on a cryptic clue hunt that ultimately led to the first video being released a day early! 

(Laughs) Yeah, that was fucking wild. 

You also dropped some artwork from an upcoming graphic novel created by your drummer (Emerson Barrett). What else can you tell us about this graphic novel, and is there any chance of a TV series or film to come out of that?

It’s one of the most incredible storylines, we’ve been working on this story for about 6 years (since the beginning of the band) and now it’s like unbelievable it’s finally coming true. We’ve been dropping hints about the comic book all the way back since 2012. 

There is actually something in the works. I can’t say too much about it right now, but the fans will have something really big coming for them. We’re so excited, we’re working on it right now and we can’t wait to share it. 

How involved were you with American Satan, the movie? Did you get to sit down with Andy (Biersack) to discuss the character beforehand? Or was it like, just go into the studio and sing?

It was definitely crazy, I didn’t get the script or anything, but they’re like to me “write the song about this subject” and I’m like “okay”. Then I watched the movie and I’m like “oh okay, the song’s going to become a script.” It was definitely amazing, writing all our original music for the movie, and it helped us so much. We gained a really big audience just off that movie, and now it’s become a TV show, so we’re really excited about that.

And if you could choose any actor to play you in your own movie, who would it be?

Probably Ezra Miller, he’s amazing. 

I can definitely see that resemblance. We’ll see you Down Under next week Remi!

Interview by Tamara May (@citylightsTAM)

Palaye Royale are hitting the east coast next week via Destroy All Lines

palaye royale tour

Palaye Royale – East Coast Tour September 2019

Thursday 12th – The Brightside, Brisbane

Friday 13th – Crowbar Sydney

Saturday 14th – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday 15th – Wrangler Studios, Melbourne (AA)

Tickets Here


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