I Prevail Team Up with Illenium and Excision for Genre-Bending ‘Feel Something’

EDM/metal crossovers can be a hit and miss, as we’ve come to realise that they can be good, bad and then there’s just don’t even go there. The latest heavy band to get in on the EDM crossover genre is I Prevail. Our metalcore favourites have teamed up with EDM producers Illenium and Excision to produce a gravity defying sonic called ‘Feel Something’.


The track isn’t too far from what I Prevail created on their most recent release Trauma, and if you listened closely, there’s already quite a few genre-crossing notions throughout this album. So an official EDM collaboration from these guys was incoming. And THAT drop is fucking insane for metal and EDM fans alike.

I felt something, that’s for sure. What an exhilarating experience.

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