Void Of Vision On Australia’s Heavy Scene “It’s Crazy How Much Good Music We Have”

Way back in January (I know right) Void of Vision stopped by the media area backstage at UNIFY Gathering for a chat with Wall of Sound bossman Browny and The Faction‘s manbun enthusiast Pricey to chat about the Australian heavy music scene and how good it is at the moment (something which most of us already knew).

The topic of conversation stemmed from the boys talking about their recent Aussie Invasion of the UK alongside Northlane and Polaris, following Silent Planet‘s unfortunate departure from the tour, and as it turns out, international fans are frothing the homegrown talent we have in our own backyard over that way according to frontman Jack Bergin:

“People kept coming up to the merch desk and being like ‘fuck, what’s going on in Australia it’s hectic! You guys are just pulling out more and more good bands’ and it’s true, like it’s crazy how much good music we have coming out of our country right now”

As unfortunate as the news was that Silent Planet had to withdraw from the tour, the remaining three Aussie bands milked the invasion tour as much as they could with Jack adding:

“It was such a cool feeling to represent our country like that along with two pioneering bands from here as well (Northlane and Polaris) and we milked the whole Australian thing on that tour… we really wanted to showcase everything that our country has and it’s so special that we can do that”

“Proud to be from here and the music that we make” – Jack Bergin on Void of Vision’s Aussie heavy music pride

And, in a wholesome turn of events, the boys spoke about the current state of the scene and the fact that the majority of the bands are all in support of each other, regardless of their longevity in the scene or the fact they’ve just started out, which, at the end of the day, helps each and every heavy band we have flourish and gives the fans something new to froth over:

“It’s becoming a lot closer than I feel it was, maybe a couple of years ago. I feel like there was a stage where bands weren’t necessarily teaming up as much as they would, but now I feel like it’s getting a lot more chummy and it’s awesome to see in these times.”

More wholesomeness, less ego! Watch the full interview below!

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