FANGZ Release Insane ‘Falling Out’ Video

Sydney punk rockers FANGZ have just released their latest single ‘Falling Out’, an upbeat, electric party punk anthem for your weekends, and now they’ve just unleashed the music video to accompany the song. For the music video, they’ve teamed up with Sydney creative duo Yeah Rad, who have done a pretty amazing job at portraying the track through hectic visuals. It’s almost like watching yourself during a wild weekend in the city.

The band also gave us an insight into what it was like making the music video:

“The night before the shoot FANGZ were drinking at Jacoby’s until close for Jameel’s birthday and we turned up the next day on two hours sleep. The cutaway scenes in the toilet cubicle were all shot on a static camera to give it a very 90’s feel. We put the call out looking for about 10 extras and ended up with about 30 people and having to make up scenes on the fly. One thing we didn’t take into account was how much the bathroom would echo during playback which made it very challenging to hear”.

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