Volumes Return With Vocalist Michael Barr + New Song ‘holywater’

Metalcore act Volumes haven’t had the best run lately… Last year they parted ways with frontman Gus Farias who vented his frustrations on social media about his ousting, thanking fans for the journey he had over the past decade. From there, things remained pretty silent for the band, that is until today where they’ve returned with a brand new song called ‘holywater‘ which features a very special member returning to the fold…

Former unclean vocalist Michael Barr has made his triumphant return to the band and they’ve brought the heavy with their latest offering which is guaranteed to turn heads and get old fans moist in anticipation for the future.

On the new era, the frontman says:

“‘holywater’ is a new chapter. We’re cleansing any bad vibes from the situation and the scene as well. It felt perfect for where we’re at. Of course, it’s about me coming back to a degree, but it’s also about us returning as a unit. We want to make genuine art. This is a taste of what we can do together. It’s the next era for the band, so you get ‘holywater.’ It’s everything we want Volumes to be in 2020”

We’ll update this with more once it comes in, but until then, check out the new track below or get it here

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