Slowly Slowly Return With New Track ‘Safety Switch’

I’ve been sitting on the fence with Slowly Slowly for a while now, despite pleads from WoS writer Ebony Story to get on the bandwagon but after hearing their last releaseCreature of Habit Pt. 2‘, I fell deep in and now I can call myself a fan of their more upbeat, pop punky vibing songs.

The new offering ‘Safety Switch‘ continues this theme and according to frontman Ben Stewart, it has a meaning behind it that most of us should take into consideration:

I tried to showcase how you get stuck on footholds in arguments and eventually lose the point of what you’re trying to achieve… It’s about being stubborn and wanting to win despite the consequences, and then being reminded in those very human moments, in the aftermath, of what is really important.”

So if you’re fighting/disagreeing with someone over a difference of opinion, chill out and realise that everyone is different and they may not think the same way as you and that’s ok! I’m getting some +44 vibes from it and the additional female vocals really make. the song stand out

The female vocals belong to Bec Stevens who teamed up with the band when she flew to Melbourne to record the track as he adds:

“I wrote out which lines would be for each person and it fell into place without much effort. We needed Bec to record her vocals so Alex (Quayle, bass) and I invited her to Melbourne and that was how the video came to be. I wanted a simple clip. Sometimes I just want to watch the person singing the song sing it, you know? This song is pretty raw so I tried to not overthink it.”

Check it out ahead of their appearance at Good Things Festival NEXT WEEK!!!

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  1. Not bad! Has a very Kisschasy vibe.

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