Band Beef Wars: Edsel Dope Vs. Machine Head’s Robb Flynn

Sit back, relax and catch up on this week’s most interesting musician beef story…

Last week Machine Head released a heavy new song called ‘Do or Die‘ which some fans were stoked with (signaling a return to form for the heavy metal icons), while others picked it apart for its simplistic chorus which goes a little like this:

Ignore the hate, it’s do or die motherfucker, die motherfucker
(This is do or die)
My hate is real, this fire it kills
No other choice, it’s do or die motherfucker, die

Straight away, fans/critics/everyone was quick to pick up the similarities between that song and the infamous dope track ‘Die Motherfucker Die‘, but, Robb Flynn voiced his opinion on the matter on Instagram, saying:

To all the bitchass internet troll motherfuckers who keep whining and menstrating about how “Do Or Die” has lyrics from the band Dope. Here’s a little fucking reminder for your moronic nu-metal-brain’s, since 1993 in our song “fuck at all” I’ve been saying “c’mon motherfucker c’mon” in the middle break down. Here’s video of me in 1995 saying it at Dynamo! It was a good seven years before Dopes 2001’s “Die MF Die” came out you fuckin sausage gobblers!


Not to mention that any fucking band on the planet saying “______ motherfucker ______” in any combination (and that goes for coal chamber, five finger death punch, dope, and yes, Machine Head) are all jacking it from 1984’s hip hop classic “The Roof Is On Fire” by Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three. Swipe right ➡️ to listen! Know your fucking musical history fuckboi’s!! And if I hear one more fucking internet twathole moaning about “cringe worthy lyrics” while they sit in front of their computers stroking their little fucking boners to the lyrical genius of fucking BABYMETAL, eat a bowl of cock!

Because the second the Pantera’s “walk” comes on, with such lyrical Edgar Allan Poe-esque masterpiece is like “run your mouth when I’m not around it’s easy to achieve” and “walk on home boy” Or lamb of god’s “this is a motherfucking invitation” these same fucking brain-donors run right out to the dance floor and start headbanging!⠀And rightly so!!

P.S. Who the fuck listens to Dope!!??

Fiesty right! I know. But it gets better. Just remember that last line in bold. Robb also shared a pretty weird photo of a fan in which he was ripping into her for not knowing a dope song after wearing their shirt to his show…

Anyway, Got that popcorn ready? Because how’s this for a comeback. Edsel Dope has hit back with facts about who exactly listens to dope and shared his opinions on Mr Flynn’s comments in a lengthy (but brutally honest) Facebook post…

Yesterday, Robb Flynn took to Instagram to publicly asked the question “Who the fuck listens to Dope”?

Then today, he…

Posted by + DOPE + on Tuesday, October 15, 2019


Robb, of course, had to chime in again and rebut the claims made by Edsel on Instagram saying:

Hey Edsel,
Saw your response.
Thanks for the compliments.
Spotify stats…? Hey, I stand corrected. Apparently there’s a lot of motherfuckers still listening to Dope out there.

Good for you man.

Though disturbingly CrazyTown’s “Butterfly” has us both beat, but I digress.

Got nothing against Dope at all. Not trying to sound like a douche here, (our bands have not intersected in decades), but I literally didn’t know that you guys were a band anymore. So when your fans started spamming our Facebook / Insta feed about our new song ripping you guys off, I was like huh…?

I actually have fond memories of you and I doing enormous amounts of cocaine on my bus in Oklahoma at some radio show back in 1999 and having a wildly coked-out conversation about doing a tour together that never materialized. In fact I just ran into your former(current? now in Misfits) guitar player Acey at the Slipknot show and he invited all of us into the Misfits.

I have a pretty dark sense of humor, I was literally laughing hysterically when I wrote the first thing that I wrote. Trolling the trolls if you will. It wasn’t aimed at you or even Dope. The second photo of the girl I thought was just cute, and was my way of saying “hey good one”, or, “ya got me!”.

That your band is still on tour and doing well 20 years later is fucking awesome Edsel. As someone who knows the challenges of sticking it out this long in the music business, I’m happy for you.

I’ll take this moment right now to extend the olive branch to you and your band, that any Machine Head show coming up anywhere in the world, that you guys want to come and hang at, you are welcome to. Have some beers, vodka, champagne, whatever (I’ll have to pass on the cocaine🤪) just say the word, and I’ll make it happen. Maybe you could even come up and sing the “Do Or Die” with us.

Totally understand if you want to pass in light of everything, but the offer stands.
Peace and love bro

I don’t know about you, but that’s a BIG win for dope in my opinion. Having seen the band opening for Static-X a few weeks back (our Brisbane coverage here) and witnessing the amount of people who rocked up early just to catch them opening, it’s safe to say dope have a legion of loyal fans and Machine Head may have to win a few of their own back following their last album Catharsis. What do you think?

dope – 1
Machine Head – 0

Stay tuned for the next update soon, you know it’s coming…

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    yeah dope is best

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