Ahren Stringer Says Amity’s Next Album Will Be: “More Diverse Than The Last One”

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As Australia’s East Coast gears up for The Amity Affliction‘s Heaven and Hell Tour next week, we had bassist/vocalist Ahren Stringer on a very special episode of our Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall podcast this week which features a member from each of the bands on the touring lineup chatting about their sets, their past year and what the future holds for them. When discussing future releases, it turns out the guys have already started getting plans in motion for their seventh studio album and the writing process has begun:

“I’m really excited. We’ve been writing for a little while now and we’ve got a bunch of really fucking great songs and yeah I just can’t wait to get back in the studio, whenever that may be.”

When podcast host Browny pressed on about the forthcoming tunes, he asked if they’ll be heading in a similar style to that of Misery or if there are plans to change it up yet again, to which he replied:

“I think we’re gonna mix it up again, not go more pop or anything like that. We’re gonna keep with the same kind of vibe as Misery, not completely obviously. We’re definitely gonna make sure the next record is louder; but yeah I think we’re gonna go heavier and more poppy and just everything in between, just make it an album that punches you in the face at the start and you get to chill in the middle and then you get kicked in the teeth again at the end.”

“Just something more of a rollercoaster and a bit more diverse. Even more diverse than the last one. That’s my idea anyway – Ahren Striner on Amity’s next release

The album caught a lot of fans off guard when they first heard it and Amity copped it all over the place, but something happened after those who criticised it sat on it for a little while longer… they found themselves enjoying it more than they first anticipated, which is something Ahren admitted even he’s been guilty of in the past:

“It’s always interesting to see how people knee-jerk react to something and then come full three-sixty and I’m no different, I do the same with bands that I’m just like in love with and I hear something different I go ‘Nooo this doesn’t sound exactly like the last album’ and then I’ll give it a few more spins and I go ‘fuck, I’m just like everyone I hate’. It’s just a human reaction thing, but it’s awesome to see people calm down and go ‘oh no, this is good!’

This tour will be the first time Australian fans get to hear a lot more of the songs from their latest album in a headline set, because their only shows in the country so far this year have been at Download Festival in Sydney and Melbourne back in March where they played a shorter, middle of the day performance.

The Amity Affliction‘s Heaven and Hell Tour kicks off Sept 12th
Tickets via Live Nation 

amity heaven and hell tour

The Amity Affliction – Heaven and Hell Tour
with Underoath, Crossfaith and Pagan

Sept 12th @ Hordern Pavilion, Syd

Sept 14th @ Riverstage, Bris

Sept 16th @ Melbourne Arena, Melb

Tickets Here

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