ICYMI: Finish Your Week On A Heavy Note With Behemoth & Car Bomb’s Latest Videos

Its been a huge week for heavy music and sometimes we miss some stuff that definitely needs your attention, much like the latest videos for both Behemoth and Car Bomb, which we’ve gathered up for all of you heavy fans!

Car Bomb – ‘Scattered Sprites’

How Car Bomb have generated the guitar tone for their upcoming album Mordial is a mystery; listen to new single ‘Scattered Sprites’ and tell me please. A weird metallic, almost alien distortion underlays the absolutely crushing main riff that is as disorienting as it is catchy.

I have a feeling the video is what is happening to my neural pathways every time I replay this song, because if the wild solo and sudden transition to a bridge so heavy it makes Code Orange look like The Wiggles fails to move you, I cannot say what will.

The new album is due out 27th September. You can preorder it here.

Behemoth – ‘Sabbath Mater’

Blessed be the destroyer!

If ‘some ungodly imagery’ is what you want to go with your morning coffee, look no further than Behemoth’s new video for ‘Sabbath Mater’. Ripped from the demonic maws of their latest album I Loved You At Your Darkest (our review here), the entire package is all so satisfyingly Behemoth.

A horrifically blinded man nails mangled corpses to a crucifix while Nergal and Co. flail about in a monochromatic desert wasteland. Concept done. There’s also the benefit that this song has one damn psychedelic solo to offset the mounting dread that crawls under your skin and lays eggs like an evil spider.

This single is in promotion of their upcoming tour with Knotfest, but as all we can do is look on in pity and awe from Australia, we’ll just have to go give their album another spin.

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