Lil Wayne Has Apparently Quit That blink-182 Co-Headline Tour

UPDATE July 13: Damn, Weezy has had a change of heart it seems…..


This was going to be a disaster the minute it was announced but reports are saying that Lil Wayne has walked off stage in Bristow, Virginia after performing a handful of songs, and has quit the co-headling American tour with blink-182. Fans have taken to social media to spread the word and also revealed blink-182 have been forced to keep the show going by coming on stage early and to be honest… WE ARE NOT SURPRISED!!! The gig was only the ninth performance out of a total of 35 shows that blink and Weezy were supposed to be doing together across the states.

Take a look at what’s being said so far:

We’ll keep you posted on this developing story… once we stop laughing!

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2 Comments on Lil Wayne Has Apparently Quit That blink-182 Co-Headline Tour

  1. All because the audience was mostly white…. Now who is the racist… White people can’t like that type of music… seriously grow the fuck up. I will not listen to his music anymore and have tossed his CDs..not one Penny will I spend on his merchandise.

  2. Never liked him anyway plus they could have found a much better rapper to put on the tour #lilgarbage #putitonquitterfeed

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