A legit blink-182/Lil Wayne mashup has appeared online and, well, wtf?

I’m a little torn with emotions right now so bear with me… What happens when your favourite band of all time loses a fundamental member, insists on continuing on with a semi-ok replacement then starts doing weird collaborations with everyone from Steve Aoki to the fuckin Chainsmokers of all people? Well, you get the hot mess that has become of blink-182.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be cynical here (well maybe I was here and here), but now we’re seeing the former pop punk gods teaming up with Lil Wayne of all people for a US Tour and the lads from Neck Deep. Don’t get me wrong, Neck Deep are fucking sick, but Weezy? It’s like teaming Rammstein up with Miley Cyrus.

To make matters worse, they’ve teamed up for a mashup to promote the tour and it sounds like the kind of thing you’d hear an amateur wanna-be DJ whipping up in his Mum’s basement. It seems like blink/+44 are just putting their name on anything at the moment and throwing it against the wall to see what sticks.

blink is dead

Yes, I’m aware this is merely for promotional use, but fuck, like when does it stop? Why does one of the most influential bands of all time have to continually ruin their name and brand with this shit? Maybe I’m just old and don’t get it, this isn’t what I signed up for all those years ago… (At least Travis Barker is the only redeeming factor about this band still too)

At least Tom is staying on brand with the new Angels & Airwaves music, right?

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