Remember Owl City’s ‘Fireflies’? Well, Make Way For Man Have Stupendously Covered It

I’m gonna tell you a little story here, back in my commercial radio days, we had to check out new music and see what would fit the radio show I was working on and one song that I absolutely loved that caught me by surprise was Owl City‘s ‘Fireflies‘, which was also the VERY FIRST song I ever reviewed for the radio show’s website/MySpace page (yes, we’re going back that far kids). Over 317 Million hits on YouTube, the song is a certified banger and I don’t care if you think otherwise.

Now, fast forward almost ten years and Perth prog rockers Make Way For Man have emerged from a three year period of no music and unveiled their melodic-prog/metalcore hybrid cover of the song and goddamn, it’s like Christmas. I have been waiting for a heavy band to cover this song and they’ve done it justice.

Also, it’s great to hear the riffy intro, which now reassures me that bands can use guitars instead of synth in all of their songs moving forward, as it adds such a technical element and skill to their musicianship. The screams are on point, the breakdown is nice, the beards are glorious and this my friends is how I officially got into Make Way For Man… I know I’m late to the party, but fuck it, I’ve brought the fireball… oops, I mean ‘Fireflies‘.

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