Mark Hoppus Shut Down Those Tom DeLonge Rejoining blink-182 Speculations

Remember the other week how EVERYONE collectively lost their shit after former blink-182 guitarist/founding member Tom DeLonge said in an interview that he had spoken to the band about when the right time would be for him to rejoin? Well, as I/we expected, it’s all just rumours and clickbait because bassist/current member Mark Hoppus has fast shut down the statements during a recent interview with KROQ stating:

“There is not any talk of that right now. I mean, I’ll never say never to anything, but that is a completely unfounded rumour at this point.”

There. That settles it. Now, let’s try and not share everything that comes up about the subject and wait until there is substantial proof of this happening, e.g. press photos, press releases and statements or announcements from the band themselves…

If you ever want to know the current and most up to date source for Tom DeLonge being in blink-182 or not, make sure you come back and visit our rolling coverage of this hot topic right here.

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