PREMIERE: Live Like Animals Boast HUGE Stadium Rock/Metal Vibes With Debut Single ‘Colourblind’

Most of us like our music heavy, loud and in your face and luckily for us Sydney’s newest band Live Like Animals bring all of the abovementioned elements to their first ever song release which we’re proud to premiere for you today. The genre-crossing quintet are no strangers to the music scene with former and current members of bands like Reliqa and My Kind of Memory featuring in the lineup, as well as a couple of newcomers keen to sink their teeth into Australia’s ever-growing heavy music scene.

We grabbed guitarist Miles Knox to find out a bit more about the band and their debut single so you can check them out and start frothing like we are too…

Hey guys, thanks for the debuting your first song with us, how does it feel to finally have it out in the open for all to see and hear?

Thanks for having us! It feels like a big relief, we’ve been gearing up to get our name out there for some time now. I know for Nic and Ryan especially, after My Kind Of Memory, it’s been an antsy few months waiting to jump back in the game, but for all of us involved it’s definitely an exciting time. We’re proud of the song, but we also know it’s just the very first taste for what we’ve got in store for the rest of the world.

Give us a rundown, who makes up Live Like Animals?

Nic Roy is our frontman, and really has the diversity to take it to the next level. The way he can switch out from singing to screaming makes it look like second nature. We’ve got the wonderful Ryan Waghorn on lead guitar. He’s the youngest of the band. He hasn’t even finished his HSC yet, but he has his eyes dead set on his music career. Adam Bransgrove is our bass player. The kindest heart you’ll ever meet, but a monster on stage. Watch out for him live. Legendary Jack Palmer on the drums, and he is a monster. He’s a formidable musician, and really pushes the rest of us to match his skill. And I’m Miles Knox, with the chunky riffs on the rhythm guitar. I’ve been overseeing some of the big picture songwriting and composition ideas.

The style, I can’t put a specific category on it because it crosses so many different genres which showcases all of your talent. Was it the intention to put out something so vast and different so we couldn’t pigeon hole you straight away?

The intention from the beginning was to just be us. Experimentation is definitely a big part of how we’ve decided to tackle the songwriting process, but there was never a gross-genre end goal in mind I don’t think. At the end of the day, if we can create something memorable and unique, something that sounds like us, then we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

Who would you say are the band’s major influences?

We all draw on a lot of different influences. Some of the big players in the rock/metal scene that are pushing boundaries have definitely struck a chord with us. Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, and Underoath definitely come to mind.

Colourblind is heavy, melodic, catchy and an enjoyable listen. What can we expect with the next release or the next batch of songs, much the same?

Heavy, melodic, and catchy – you can definitely expect those. Colourblind is breaking us in, and in the future you can expect some further development into a signature sound. We’re still settling into our shoes, but some of the stuff we have coming later on will build on a lot of what Colourblind has established. One thing I can say is that we’re exploring a very production-heavy sound. It’s sort of a really grey area between the authenticity of heavy music, with the craftsmanship and sound design of electronic music.

And like your name suggests if you were forced to live like an animal, which creature would you adopt mannerisms of?

We are all animals at heart, and this crazy world we’ve designed for ourselves makes it easy to forget that sometimes. Embrace your inner animal!

Anything else to add for the potential fans reading this?

We’re keen to smash out the back half of 2019. Thanks for having us, Browny!

My pleasure!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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