The Beautiful Monument Announce New Album I’m The Reaper + Drop Latest Single ‘Stay’

FINALLLLLLLY, The Beautiful Monument have announced their new album… something we have been trying to get from them all for the better part of the past year and it’s going to be called I’m The Reaper, which fans may recognise is a continuation of their last album’s title I’m The Sin (its the next line in the chorus from their song ‘Sin‘ off the last album) and the best news is it’s going to be released on June 28th via Greyscale Records.

In celebration of the news, the ladies have released a new song/video for the next single called ‘Stay‘ which is a sad, rock/ballad break track, guaranteed to have you crying in a heap on the floor after the first initial listen. It’s fucking fantastic seeing the progression of this band since we first met them at Big Sound 2017 (our throwback coverage here) and seeing how much they’ve achieved in that time is a testament to their want/drive and passion to make it in Australia’s heavy music scene.

We grabbed front-lady Lizi Blanco for a quick chat about the news, the new song and what the go is with their drummer who always has his face covered up with a mask in their music videos…

Congrats on the new album, finalllly we get to hear about it after you denying it for so long. How’s it feel finally having the world know?

Thank you! I’m super pumped to finally have it all out in the open! I actually can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it!

And the name, that’s a continuation from the last album’s title of I’m The Sin with lyrics from the song ‘Sins’ right? Why the decision to go that way?

Correct, even before I’m The Sin was completed, we knew I’m The Reaper would be the title for follow up record. We loved the thought of tying things in nicely and making it all cohesive.

Does that mean both albums are connected in a way?

Absolutely, I’m The Reaper is the end of an era for I’m The Sin. To move on and to grow, putting the past to rest.

The new song is called ‘Stay’, what’s this one all about?

Stay is about the relationship I had with my parents, more so my father before I moved away. From being a constant “troublemaker” and “disappointment” in the family because I like heavy music, have tattoos and didn’t want to be a doctor or a lawyer. Sometimes distance isn’t always a bad thing, it definitely made me closer to my Dad which I will forever be grateful for since he’s now one of the most supportive people in my life when it comes to my music.

TBM drummer

Also, what’s the go with your drummer always sporting that vulture mask in your videos? Will their identity be revealed soon or what’s the go with that?

I think it’s pretty obvious by now that we don’t have a permanent drummer so we’ve tried to keep it cohesive throughout these releases, so in a sense given our drummer a character until we find a permanent member.

We decided on the mask because it’s got more of a “familiar face” than that drummer we don’t have. The plague doctor was first seen in ‘Sins’ as our creator and continues on through this next record with the intention to lay them to rest by the end it. I’m The Reaper is the journey in-between the start of ‘Sins’ and the end when the creator is finally executed

You ladies just wrapped up your first headline tour, how do you reckon that went and the way the crowd welcomed you with open arms?

The Deceiver tour was awesome! I actually don’t think any of us expected it to go as well as it did and boy are we stoked. Brisbane was a million percent the highlight for us, which is dope cause that’s my OG home town. Very proud I must say, also helped that Crowbar and its team are amazing.

What’s next for the band?

Another tour of course! – I can’t say much about this one though hahaha, sorry!

Always teasing us in the worst way, thanks for the chat legend!!!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

Pre-Order the new album I’m The Reaper right here

the beautiful monument - I'm the reaper album

The Beautiful Monument – I’m The Reaper tracklisting

1. Give Up
2. Deceiver
3. Burn
4. Reaper
5. Kintsugi
6. Invisible
7. Stay
8. Cursed
9. Ida
10. The Silencer

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