WAAX frontwoman Maz DeVita calls out scum who assaulted her during Newcastle show

This Is Fucked. If you are still going to gigs and think this behaviour is acceptable, you need to give yourself a fucking uppercut and stop going out in public. In a lengthy statement on their Facebook page, WAAX‘s Maz DeVita took aim at a worthless piece of shit who assaulted her mid-show, not once but fucking twice during their gig at The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle overnight stating:

Hey everyone,
I had a really incredible time at our show tonight in Newcastle. The Cambridge Hotel always looks after us and it’s one of my favourite venues in Australia. In general everyone was having a safe and great time.

But I’d like to send a personal message to that one person up the front who decided to assault me: I couldn’t figure out who you were because you moved so quickly in a really large crowd of people. But I hope you’re glad to know that I fucking felt it and it was extremely degrading. I have been doing this for 6.5 years. Putting my heart and soul on the line for every single show. You have no idea how fucking hard it is to do what we do. But you decided all of that means nothing and quite aggressively groped me twice in a row.

I don’t know who you are, but you know who you are and I want you to know that your disgusting behavior is not welcome in our music scene or anywhere really. It is totally disrespectful and plain fucked up. Musicians work really hard to make music and perform it. We deserve some fucking respect. Myself and my peers expect better.

You wouldn’t grope someone in the grocery store, on the bus or in your workplace. So what makes this situation any different? What am I to you? Last I checked I’m a fucking human who deserves the right to her own body and the right to work in a safe environment.

– Maz

No one should feel unsafe at a show regardless of gender, age, sex, race, ANYTHING. It shouldn’t matter. We don’t want to experience these types of things and its shit to have to write this up still but its the only way it’s going to sink in for a few lowlives who may just be happening to read this and still think this behaviour is acceptable.

It’s not.

We don’t want you at shows, so if you think you can do this kind of fucked up act, just do the world a favour and stay home. If you see a mate acting this way, pull them up on it too. Be THAT guy who does the right thing. Look out for yourself and those around you as much as possible.

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1 Comment on WAAX frontwoman Maz DeVita calls out scum who assaulted her during Newcastle show

  1. Anonymous // April 25, 2019 at 2:12 am //

    To Maz Eli n the boys what happen the other night was fuck and so disrespectful to u n the band my daughter and I met you guys in the valley after hockey dad one nite n at the crow Bar with something something explosion as a father who takes his daughter’s to see the best sounds coming out of the valley n Brisbane it is heartbreaking to think that in this day n age that its ok behaviour.WAKE THE FUCK Up dead shit You n FUCK wits like you are not welcome enjoy the tunes enjoy the space enjoy the atmosphere of musicians expressing them selves and for fuck sack appreciate these gifted people who bring n share their talent n time. to waax be safe travel safe c u at home safe n sound n thank u all for the wonderful tunes I cannot get out of my head.catch u all at crow Bar my shout. N thank you so so much for …..you being you Cheers Bluey

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