Windwaker cause a ruckus in a VW convertible for their new music video ‘The Sitch’ from forthcoming Empire EP

When we first met the Windwaker lads, we kinda/sorta offended frontman Will King during our podcast interview at Big Sound 2018 because we thought his melodic vocals were actually sung by a female, but the guy has such an incredible range that he manages to nail both those cleans and screams with precision and that’s evident in the band’s new music video for ‘The Sitch‘ which comes from their forthcoming Empire EP, out March 22nd.

The video sees the guys causing a scene driving across Melbourne in a VW convertible, smashing Melbourne Bitter tinnies (instead of VB booo) and ending up on the run from the local authorities before an EPIC climactic finale which we won’t reveal. The guys teamed up with the legends over at Brightside Film (Director Ben Anderson and Director of Photography Cale Rodriguez) whose previous work includes Of Mice & Men‘s ‘Instinctvideo and Earth Caller‘s ‘Degeneratevideo (so the Windwaker lads have great taste in professional videographers).

We dug a little deeper about the idea and sound of the new release with drummer Chris Lalic who revealed they may have broken the actual law in the process…

Chris you legend, first of all, Congrats on the new song, it fucking rips hard. Is this a taste of what we can expect on the upcoming EP or will they be a collection of different sounds/styles?

Thanks so much! The EP will actually be a really mixed bag of things, so you can expect a bit more of this but also a lot of other new avenues we’ve never explored before. 

Nice, the video is fucking hilarious, how drunk were you when you came up with the idea?

This one was all Will (King, frontman), I don’t know what the inspiration was for it but the second he pitched it to us, we were all in love with the idea. Because song is so fun and quirky, we really wanted the video to show more of that side of us, and a typical band shot video just didn’t feel right for the song.

Well you nailed the execution so great job, it’s fucking hilarious in parts. Did you cause any real shit through the streets of Melbourne while you were “pretending” to cause shit making the video? 

Oh dude it was fucked! We shot it all in Fitzroy without a permit, 2 blocks away from a police station. When we did those cop chase scenes people on the street were getting spooked all over the place. And to be doing it all while publicly drinking wasn’t the best touch either. 

Windwaker 2k19

My mantra is “it’s better to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission” so in my eyes you did the right thing hahaha my only gripe is you’re drinking Melbourne Bitter instead of VB but I’m sure we can let that slide!

 Yeah nah, I think they both taste like absolute garbage haha! But Melbourne Bitter are super chill about their brand being shown in the video and are always supportive of the creative industries.

Oh what? I didn’t know that and now you say it, I have seen MB in more videos that VB. Ok, I’ll forgive you for that. Back to the song, it has proggy/core vibes like Architects meets Thornhill, but with the Windwaker uniqueness. Did they influence the band’s sound in anyway or were you progressing to that style since the last time we caught up? 

They’re both super cool bands that we all dig, there definitely weren’t any conscious attempts to take influence from those guys, but when you hear their music around the scene so often I think a lot of those sounds have a way of creeping in with you noticing. 

What’s next for you guys, any tours in the lead up to the EP’s release?

It’s looking like it’ll be a busy year. We’ve got something really exciting to announce in the next week.

Well we can’t wait to see what you got planned, until then, stay out of trouble!

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

If you like what you hear, pre-order the new Empire EP right here

windwaker - empire ep

Windwaker – Empire EP tracklisting

1. Reject
2. The Sitch
3. Grey World
4. Colourless
5. Arrested
6. Empire

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