The Plot Thickens in the Clive Palmer vs Twisted Sister debacle…

This is proving to be quite an interesting and developing story for heavy music fans who hate Aussie politicians. Long story short, Trump wannabe Clive Palmer reworked the Twisted Sister song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It‘ for his Palmer United Party‘s political ads. Frontman Dee Snider found out about it and called him out, threatening to sue, Clive threatened to counter-sue the band and told him/the band to “stay out of Australian politics…”

Well, today Mr Snider has revealed that Clive Palmer and co. allegedly contacted their publishing company, Universal Music Group about licencing the song and were told there’d be a fee involved, but, they went on and recorded the song without that licence. Idiots!

Regardless of the fact the lyrics are (barely) changed, the instrumentals and sound of the reworked garbage theme that the Palmer United Party has put out is in clear violation of copyright and the fact they knew they had to pay a fee in order to use the song in the first place, means Clive doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to his counter-sue threats.

If we were Dee Snider and the band, we’d be laughing so hard at these developments which just get funnier every day. Hold up, we’re out of popcorn, be right back…

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