The Clive Palmer vs Twisted Sister Saga continues: Clive Bites Back!

If you’re new to this story, let’s catch you up. Yesterday, Twisted Sister members Dee Snider and manager/guitarist Jay Jay French slammed Clive Palmer and the Palmer United Party for reworking their classic anthemWe’re Not Gonna Take It‘ and using it in their political advertisement, (which you’ve probably seen on tv recently), take a look at one of the ads below.

Dee Snider (who is heading to Australia for his own solo/spoken word tour at the end of the month) said on Twitter: “I’LL BE DOWN UNDER IN THREE WEEKS TO DEAL WITH IT MYSELF!” when addressing the issue. Well, late yesterday afternoon, Clive fought back and has strangely made threats to counter-sue the band in an article posted online via the Sydney Morning Herald, he stated:

“I wrote the words personally that appear on our promotion and hold the copyright for those words,”

“If [Twisted Sister] attempt to use my lyrics in any of their songs, I’ll not hesitate to take legal proceedings against them. As foreigners, they should stay out of Australian domestic politics and stay where they are. Aussies are not going to cop it at all!”

tom delonge wtf

This just got a whole new level of weird.

Snider has just tweeted his thoughts on the debacle, disapproving of Clive’s comments and hinting something is coming via lyrics of Silverchair‘s classic song ‘Tomorrow‘…

You better believe we’ll be following it up with the band to get their thoughts on the new developments, until then, grab some popcorn and prepare for an interesting start to 2019…

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