Sydney’s Teeth debut heavy new song/video for ‘Bone Rattle’

Teeth Band Sydney

Its time to check your Teeth… no, not those ones, the heavy as fuck new band from Sydney featuring members of Bare Bones and Artisan former members of Elegist and Stories. The guys have just dropped a new song/video for ‘Bone Rattle‘ which sounds just as heavy as you’d expect with a title like that.

The song is from the band’s forthcoming Prey For War EP which will be released in 2019, but since that’s about all we knew from the guys, we tracked down shredmaster James Clarke for a chat about his new side project and if it’ll affect his time in Bare Bones

Hey Legend, this new band sounds wicked… Before we get into it, tell us how you all got together.

Cheers Mr. Brown, The band started with Ryan and Blake. They used to play in Elegist together and wanted to start something really heavy. They produced a couple of singles with Jono Peters and Chris Blancato (Bare Bones). Roscoe (ex Stories) tracked drums on those songs and Jono did the bass. Then Jeremy (who also plays for Artisan) joined the band while we were recording the EP and myself around the same time. We all have mutual friends and know the same people, so it just naturally happened and here we are.

Great so it’s a “from the ashes” with some help kinda deal. The style of music is way more heavier compared to what you do with Bare Bones. Was that coincidental or were you looking at expanding your musical horizons?

Teeth is heavier than Bare Bones 100%. I initially just filled in for Teeth a couple of times, it was never really meant to turn into anything more. Then when they were recording the EP I got involved tracking the bass this time. I liked filling in because it’s just simple heavy as fuck music, but the new EP turned out much more musical so it’s scratching both itches. There’s plenty of opens and breakdowns but you’ll also find there’s some more intricate work on bass with the new EP.

Give us a rundown of the single, what’s this one all about?

Musically, Bone Rattle is a great example of that interesting bass work I mentioned. This one is our fun song, it’s almost like the Teeth ‘pop’ song. Really simple yet tasteful structure and REALLY easy to get into. Lyrically, this song is actually a victim’s perspective on domestic violence.

Intense lyrical content too. You’re juggling two bands at the moment, do either get in the way or have you mastered the art of being in two places at once?

Juggling is interesting, a lot more to think about what band I’m playing in this weekend. So far it hasn’t been a problem, but Bare Bones is my Priority.

Talking about what band you’re playing in this weekend, Teeth have a show with Alpha Wolf, anything after that?

We’re playing Oxford Arts this Saturday and we’ll be back after the holidays for sure! Keen to play the new material.

And while we’re on the subject of Bare Bones being a priority, how is that new album coming along?

It’s coming along, that’s all I say for now haha!

hahaha you tease. Anything else we need to sink our Teeth into?

Our EP ‘Prey For War’ is coming out early next year. Watch out!

Already one step ahead of ya, thanks James.

Interview by Browny @brownypaul

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