Brisbane’s Wildheart release new video for ‘Solitude’

Wildheart are having a really hard time slowing down (not that its a bad thing) but after their impressive showcases at Big Sound 2018 the guys are back with a brand new video for the track ‘Solitude‘ from their latest EP We Are.

The song’s theme focuses on self-doubt, lonliness and mental health struggles, topics the boys are all too familiar with, having touched on them in the past, sharing their own battles through their music. To help others, the guys have also performed in support of not-for-profit organisations such as Beyond Blue, Support Act and The Black Dog Foundation.

Bassist Kerry Rowe elaborated with us a bit more about the song itself, where the idea came from and what it means to him, stating:

Solitude was written by Adam (guitar) actually – we share a lot of the lyrical responsibilities around to try and drive a better final result. It’s written from a place of loneliness, isolation, and almost an acceptance that no matter how hard you try, you can’t win. For me, it’s about a lot of different pressure points and strains that come with day to day life. But that’s just me, I’m sure Adam has a different interpretation, and I’m sure whoever hears it will have a different resonance with it (I hope).

On the topic of mental health awareness, he also discussed how important it is to share their experiences with their audiences/fans through their music adding:

It’s incredibly important to us. We all grew up with music as a cathartic part of our lives. While we’re all so aware that venting through music isn’t comparable to properly speaking to someone (friends, family members, professionals), but it gives us all an opportunity to get lost. We can use the energy and emotion attached to our words to break our chains and inhibitions, and just, be, free.

If you’re just discovering the band now, check out their We Are EP here and jump aboard the hype train…

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