‘We Are’ pretty damn excited for Wildheart’s forthcoming EP release

Say what you will about melodic-hardcore bands, they’re fucking popular and one we haven’t had the chance to touch on yet are Wildheart from Brisbane who this week announced their new EP We Are will be getting an official release on August 31st and to celebrate the news the band have chucked out a video for the title track of the album ‘We Are‘.

The band features Vocalist Axel Best, Adam Finlay on Guitar, Drummer Andrew Cooke, Jaya Shinn also on Guitar and Bassist/Vocalist Kerry Rowe who locals may recognise from Sensaii. If you’ve been to a few shows in Brisbane, chances are you’ve come across these guys already at shows they’ve supported for Young LionsBare Bones, Hand of Mercy, A Night in Texas, Deadlights, Casey (UK), and Belle Haven.

We grabbed bassist Kerry Rowe for a quick yarn about the new song and forthcoming EP release:

Kerry you legend, thanks for the time, give us a run down what’s ‘We Are’ about?

Hey Browny, what’s good? Thanks for having me back. We Are is a track about a sort of institutionalised oppression. It’s core theme is really surrounding the fact we’re sort of being forced into our own predecided fate by the upper echelon that really doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

Heavy, but so fucking true! Do those themes run throughout the whole EP?

I guess the theme runs through a lot of our music; a sense of despair and helplessness. We tried to write a little bit more externally, but it’s all personal. If that makes any sense. We always write about what we’re feeling or what we’re witnessing so the theme definitely carries through the rest of the record.

You’re a busy man these days, playing in not only Wildheart but also Sensaii too. How do you find the time to bounce between two bands and a 9-5?

It’s a pretty tough slog, not gonna lie haha. It’s lots of long days but when you’re doing something that you love it’s all worth it. Idle hands are the devils plaything, ya know.


You’re not wrong there, I’ve seen that movie too. Great cameo from Tom Delonge as well. Back on topic, do Sensaii and Wildheart differ in musical styles?

Fundamentally Wildheart and Sensaii are based on the same premise. Post-hardcore riffs and music from a real place. I don’t think I could be apart of a group without strong and honest values. Wildheart is definitely heavier than Sensaii so fans of the cleaner vocals might be a bit put off but Axel has such an amazing voice with a level of emotion that can’t be ignored.

Fuck yeah, that’s a winning point right there. Why should potential fans jump on the Wildheart hype train now?

The Wildheart hype train has been a steam train; slow and steady. We’ve been together for a few years and have been slugging away releasing music as regularly as time commits and of course playing as many shows as we can. We’re on the up and up with more demos already filling up our Dropbox so we’re not planning on slowing down. The EP’s out really soon and I hope people give it a listen and love it. Or hate it.

wildheart we are

The We Are EP is out August 31st. Keep an eye on the band’s Facebook page for more.


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