The Fever 333 unleash powerful new song targeting America’s Gun Problem

In case you missed it, Jason Aalon Butler from The Fever 333 is this week’s special guest co-host on our Wall of Sound: Up Against the Wall podcast series and he gives a personal, in-depth look into the band, their purpose, message and motivation. A great listen if you haven’t jumped on it already, but now, not even 24 hours after the release of the podcast, the band are already moving onto their next objective; addressing the fucked up gun problem plaguing America in the form of their new song ‘Trigger‘.

The track starts with an echoing message asking: “Our nation must once again answer a question, is now a good time to talk about gun violence in this country? There are nearly 13,000 gun homicides a year in the US, on an average day 96 Americans are killed with guns, 7 of them are children.”

It’s haunting to hear the statistics when they’re right in front of you, not only in this song but, any given day you turn on the tv and see yet another fatal shooting somewhere in the US, only this past week there was yet another High School Shooting in Texas where 8 students and 2 teachers sadly lost their lives too. When will this end? When will something be done? They’re the main questions asked by the #NeverAgain movement who are fighting politicians and the dipshit currently in the white house who claim they offer support for those affected, but offer nothing more than “thoughts and prayers“.

The Fever 333‘s explosive take on the current situation and strong anti-gun message is akin to that of early Rage Against The Machine where a powerful message is surrounded by a heavy as fuck backing track that’ll draw you in and make you listen to what’s being said.

We can all agree something needs to be changed. Not later, not soon, but now.

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