Parkway Drive’s new album has a release date and a new song/video

Brace yourselves, Parkway Drive‘s new album Reverence will make it’s mark on the world on May 4th via Resist Records and to celebrate the news they’ve got a brand new song/video to share with eager fans called ‘The Void

With our first listen, the song is, well, the only way to explain it is it’s a combination of glam metal riffs and softer screams akin to that of the late 80’s style of Bon Jovi and Poison/Metallica etc

Maybe this is the band’s “fuck you” to the critics who slammed their previous outing IRE stating it was a Bon Jovi rip off, but it has that epic stadium metal/rock sound which is going to sound massive when played in arenas like Marriage Equality Arena in Melbourne or (to a lesser extent because of it’s set up) the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Frontman Winston McCall explains the song came about from the band’s progression as musicians and humans:

“It has been born through pain, sacrifice, and conviction, with the ultimate goal of expanding not only what Parkway Drive stand for musically, but who we are as people. Thank you for listening.”

Parkway Drive have always pushed the boundaries of what they wanted to do, they’ve pleased fans with albums that didn’t do as well as they thought (looking at you Atlasand they’ve stepped out of their comfort zone with IRE and proved you can make a heavy album with commercial/mainstream tendencies that has fastly become their best released album to date.

Pre-Order the album via Resist Records

parkway drive - reverence

Parkway Drive – Reverence tracklisting

1. Wishing Wells
2. Prey
3. Absolute Power
4. Cemetery Bloom
5. The Void
6. I Hope You Rot
7. Shadow Boxing
8. In Blood
9. Chronos
10. The Colour Of Leaving

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