PREMIERE: Relive the 90’s grunge scene with HEADS latest offering

Back in the day when Soundgarden, Silverchair and Nirvana were dominating the radio airwaves, you couldn’t hear a grunge song without emitting a fair bit of teenage angst and rebellion. Then as time went by the genre slowly faded away to a distant memory only to pop up again here and there with bands like Violent Soho and Introvert to name a few.

Well didn’t we get a surprise when we were asked to Premiere this new track from Chris Breuer, the former bassist for post-hardcore band The Ocean and his Aussie counterpart Ed Fraser because it brings back those moody, slow rock vibes with an element or two of Nick Cave.

The band revealed ‘Last Gasp Shout‘ takes influence from scary movies which were also extremely popular in the 90’s stating:

“Last Gasp Shout tells the story of a torment, driven through the desert, an ordeal with an undisclosed evil on our tails. I took a leaf out of the book of horror film screenwriting and chose to keep the villain faceless, the listener can decide for themselves who or what the antagonist is. Last Gasp Shout is actually the sister song to ‘Wolves At The Door’, also on the record. Both songs tells us the same story, but each is written from the unique perspective of each of the hunted characters on the ride. Together they are experiencing the same ordeal, but through their eyes we are perceiving it individually.”

Heads. - collider album

If you’re digging the sound you’ll wanna get a pre-order in for the new album Collider which gets released April 6th via Heart of the Rat Records

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