Wall of Sound presents: “2017 YEAR IN REVIEW” – by Wall of Sound Writer Rory McDonald

I am truly stoked with the direction music is going at the moment. It’s gone full circle, and it turns out a lot of bands are drawing influence from the 90’s. That’s my two cents anyway. To me, 2017 is responsible for some of those tracks that really got the fire burning in the guts (yeah, AFI was a sick gig). Dropped D is making a comeback on the radio, and vocalists are starting to say “fuck” again, without needing a metal label to justify. Who is responsible? Maybe Violent Soho, or maybe the 90’s kids have just grown up. I’ve heard people say Grunge Revival, But isn’t this shit punk? I don’t know. Who cares. This is my Wall of Sound 2017 Year in Review


  1. WAAX – Wild and Weak EP
  2. Tired Lion – Dumb Days
  3. These New South Whales – You Work For Us
  4. Grenadiers – Find Something You Love and Let it Kill You
  5. Dear Seattle – Self Titled


 TOP 10 SONGS OF 2017

1. WAAX – ‘This Everything’
2. Nankasi – ‘Event Boundary’ https://nankasi.bandcamp.com/
3. Black Map – Heavy Waves
4. WAAX – ‘Same Same’
5. Tired Lion – ‘Cilantro’

6. These New South Whales – ‘We Don’t Need You Anymore’
7. Introvert – ‘December’
8. INHEAVEN – ‘Treats’
9. Grenadiers – ‘Live Fast, Diabetes’
10. Dear Seattle – ‘The Meadows’



1. Alice Phoebe Lou – ‘Nostalgia’
No words needed, just listen. Very talented. Oops, words.


2. WAAX – ‘Same Same’.
I think this video captures monotony pretty well, but to be honest I just like the song. I’m still not sick of that riff yet.


3. The Chats – ‘Smoko’.
This one actually just popped up on my Facebook news feed as I was writing this review—and I lost my shit. Will definitely keep an eye on The Chats.


Best Gigs of 2017

1. Grinspoon – 25th August at Metro City, Perth. Their Guide to Better Living tour was hands down my pick for gigs of 2017, and I was lucky enough to see a lot of good bands. I first heard the Grinner’s in 1999 when I got Easy for my Birthday. Still one of my favourite and most influential albums in my collection. The veterans killed it; Phil Jamieson knows how to work a stage. I think Kris Hopes missed the triplet fill in DCX3… but I won’t hold that against him. It made for a laugh while I air-drummed with the stranger next to me. (Review & Gallery Here) 📷: Kim Anderson


2. The AFI gig – 14th September at Metro City, Perth was a cracker too, one I couldn’t miss for nostalgia’s sake. They were never going to play anything from Answer that and Stay Fashionable but you have to be in it to win it. Basement were in support and put on a solid set. For some reason I thought Promise Everything was released in 2017 and that would have been a shoe-in for my top 5. Fun Fact: Basement’s track of the same name inspired the guitar sound on Lo-Fire’s first EP (hint, hint). Introvert blew me away and sounded the right amount of heavy live—really looking forward to their future releases. (Photo Gallery Here) 📷: Kim Anderson


Other than that, a shout out to Kim Anderson for getting me in with the Wall Of Sound crew! I’ve met a heap of good people through reviewing the local Perth acts and I’m Especially stoked with Nankasi, Two For Flinching and the Bob Gordons who I’ve seen play a few different times now.


Next Big Band to Watch in 2018

I think we should keep an eye out for Introvert’s debut album. I’m not sure if an album is on the agenda for them, but if their next big release is anything like what I’ve heard so far, It’s going to be solid.



I’d like to say Download Festival, but I don’t think that’s very realistic. I’m looking forward to seeing more big international acts getting over to WA—ffs NOFX and Hot Water Music… But you will see me at Parkway Drive for their Horizons tour. Word.

parkway drive horizons tour

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