Grinspoon – Gig Review & Photo Gallery 25th August @ Metro City, Perth WA

Metro City, Perth WA
August 25th, 2017
Supports: Hockey Dad and Good Boy

1997 was a great year. Mullet haired legend Pat Rafter won the U.S Open, the movie The Castle hit the screens and Triple J helped unearth a young Lismore band named Grinspoon with their debut album, Guide to Better Living. Who’d of thought, 20 years on that the band would be touring the same album, playing it in its entirety to SOLD OUT crowds across Australia.

Tonight was Perth’s turn as the band headlined Metro City, the 3 tiered towering Thunderdome and being SOLD OUT, you can guess the response. It was sweaty, loud, a lot of reminiscing and a hell of a lot of fun as the boys hit the stage.

Prior to that though were a couple Brisbane lads, firstly in the shape of the trio, Good Boy, the indie-rock band teasing us with some mostly Triple J enjoyable vibes. Hockey Dad followed quickly after, another of the growing duo’s, meaning one drummer, one guitarist, however their unique blend of pop, surf and rock was definitely entertaining despite the predominantly older crowd, mostly in their 30’s and 40’s as they battled for bar position wanting to enjoy the musical entrees this night.

So what do we make of a band playing a whole album in its entirety? Personally I believe it is the best and only way to relive the classics amongst some of the non-played live gems you wouldn’t normally hear. The SOLD OUT signs across the nation seem to agree and when the lads hit the stage in Perth, the roar and sheer delight of the now heaving masses and sardine-like throng emphasised the point. The Grinners were back and fuck me were they back!

16 tracks from woe to go, a Phil Jamieson solo special, on top of a bar top to boot and a mini best of to complete the deal. Kicking off with the high powered ‘Pressure Tested’ and ‘Boundary’, the band clearly revelling from the adrenaline rush that SOLD OUT shows supply, it was endless and front man Jamieson and colleagues thrived on the attention.

Of course the staple tracks such as ‘DC X 3’, ‘Champion’ and ‘Just Ace’ simply demolished the audience, crowd participation reaching fever pitch as 90s karaoke took control,  the wry smile of Jamieson all that was needed for the nod of approval to a local Perth audience that can be very fickle in attending such gigs.

Even the slower tracks, in particular the often underrated but much loved, ‘Bad Funk Stripe’ hit all the right feels providing one the first ballads of the night with mobile phones swaying side to side and the now drunken masses almost arm in arm, mostly due to the squishy venue singing as one end masse.

It didn’t end there though with the band whipping up a frenzy with a mini greatest hits package including ‘Lost Control’, ‘Chemical Heart’, a rollicking ‘Hard Act to Follow’ and ‘More Than You Are’, just some of the highlights.

Great night, great sound, great venue, the Grinners are back! …and for tonight – so were the punters of Perth!

Review by Plugga

Grinspoon bassist Joe Hansen co-hosted Episode #2 of Wall of Sound: Up Against The Wall. Listen/Stream/Download here

Photo Gallery by Kim Anderson – Please credit Kim Anderson and Wall of Sound if you repost. Facebook: Shoot The Wicked Witch Instagram: @kimshootswitches

Good Boy

Hockey Dad


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Grinspoon – Guide To Better Living Anniversary Tour

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