PREMIERE: Lose yourself in the brutality of Nidus’ new single/video ‘Labyrinth’

Heavy music in thriving in Australia and we are just immersing ourselves in as much of it as possible so it’s with great pleasure we get to PREMIERE the Brand New single/video ‘Labyrinth‘ from Melbourne based prog-metallers Nidus. The song is from the band’s forthcoming Coalesce EP which is available November 10th.

Not having heard much of Nidus before, we grabbed lead vocalist Dylan Abel for an interrogation chat to find out more about the brutal 5 piece:

Dylan, great to meet you. For those like myself who haven’t discovered Nidus yet, how’d you all get together?

“We were actually all brought together by our good friend Zico who used to play guitar for us before he had to step down due to some issues he had with his wrists that unfortunately hindered his playing, he started the band with Louis and Cal and then I quickly followed suit inviting over Jack and then finally finding Jarrod online to fill Zico’s shoes and everything just slowly fell into place after that.”

Talk about finding the good from a tough situation. Your new single ‘Labyrinth’ is about all the setbacks you’ve overcome, for you, what’s been your biggest struggle?

“For me personally, it was around the time that ‘Labyrinth’ was originally written, I had just been kicked out of the band I was playing in (who are still some of my closest friends despite everything), I had failed university and was excluded from study for a year, I had severed my ACL and was without work for months, and at the same time I had a few failed relationships all within the year that it took to get our upcoming EP of the ground. As a result I was just really scared and unsure of the future and worried that I wasn’t necessarily where I should be in life.”

Jesus man, you’ve really been through some shit and the emotion is easy to see with the new song so well done transferring that into your music. What advice do you have for those in similar situations who can’t seem to catch a break?

“Never look back, unless it’s constructive, you’ve just got to keep on moving, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other and look towards the future, but more importantly just take some time out to enjoy the present, and try to focus on the more positive aspects in your life instead of all the negative things going on.”

“Also, just never be afraid to let someone know that things aren’t going great, for a long time I was ashamed to say that I was struggling, and it’s probably still something I struggle with now, but I’m lucky enough to say that I have some pretty amazing friends by my side.”

Well it’s great to see you come out the other side and offer help for others too. On a lighter note, you new single shares the same name as the move Labyrinth. If they remade it (which there’s talks of) who should play Bowie’s role?

“I’m not sure if anyone could ever fill that man’s shoes! Such a talented individual”

BOOM. That was a trick question (since today is Halloween) and you didn’t fall victim to it, well done. If new fans like the song, when can they hear it live next?

“We will be playing Bang night club in Melbourne on Saturday November 4th which is pretty exciting, it’s to celebrate the release of an amazing EP by our good friends Arkive so we couldn’t be more stoked”

We hope to see you there, best of luck with the upcoming release and this great song.

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