blink-182 release artsy-fartsy ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place’ Music Video

The ageing blink-182 have given fans an insight to what life is like NOW when they prepare to go on tour in their ‘Home Is Such A Lonely Place‘ music video. Long gone are the days of excessive partying and booze-fests pre-tour, nowadays they’re family (and dog) men who show us what they go through before the say goodbye to their families to play shows. *cue “nawwww” here

Mark hangs with his song and Son, Travis plays dotting (but fun) Dad and Matt fucks a dog in the ass hangs with his four legged companion before taking off. Watch the video below whilst drinking a soy chai latte and reminiscing about the good times when your life was a complete cluster-fuck before you got old and boring.

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