Fall Out Boy announce new album Mania, drop disastrous first single.

Once upon a time, about ten years ago now, Fall Out Boy used to be a band you could get excited for, but ever since the release of their controversial album Save Rock & Roll post-hiatus Fall Out Boy has been a series of extreme highs and mostly very low, lows.

So it’s with much ado, they announced their new album Mania due for release September 15. Alongside this, the hip hop rock act have released ‘Young and Menace‘ the first single from the anticipated new album.

Spoiler: It’s a song so bad, it’ll have you screaming:


No really, containing Britney Spears references and perhaps some of the weakest vocals of frontman Patrick Stump‘s career. The song is awash in lacklustre RnB beats and a chorus so harsh on the ears, it’s one step away from being a chipmunk song.

But don’t take my word for it, because they released a music video for your listening displeasure. I suppose we can always take comfort in knowing From Under the Cork Tree still exists.  Right?!

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