Paramore are Back…kinda

When you went to bed last night did you ever imagine that you’d wake up to a new Paramore song? Yeah, me either and my impression still stands on that matter. A new version of the trio launched their 80‘s inspired song ‘Hard Times‘ overnight from the forthcoming album After Laughter which sees the return of original drummer and founding member Zac Farro to the band alongside rhythm guitarist Taylor York and Mrs Chad Gilbert aka Hayley Williams, who is now without her signature, trademark red hair.

The former pop punkers have headed in a new direction, focusing more on pop origins with a song that’s very skin to Cyndi Lauper and her synth styled backings, but lets face it, the band had been moving in this direction for a long time following their internal fall out 7 years ago, caused by the departure of the Farro brothers (Josh and Zac) amidst accusations the band were becoming a “manufactured product of a major label“. Since then the guys released a Self-Titled album which earned them the Best Rock Song Grammy for ‘Ain’t It Fun‘ and an appearance on the new Guitar Hero game. Bassist Jeremy Davis pulled out of the group a the end of 2015 amidst a lengthy court battle for co-ownership of the band which is still ongoing to this day.

And now, in 2017 the first piece of new music for the band is out and to be honest, their debut single back into the world has missed the mark in my opinion. Yes I get they want to do something different, but by turning away from the fans that have followed them for the better part of the past decade and a bit, they could have returned with a transitional pop rock song that bids farewell to the genre. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

paramore album.jpg

Check out the new song below and get ready for a NEW Paramore when the album is released on May 12th via Fueled by Ramen. Pre-Orders are available here

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