An extensive Tom Delonge documentary is on the way that’ll make you blow in your pants…

As a very open and dedicated Blink-182 fan (more so on the Tom Delonge side) it surprised the shit out of me to discover there’s going to be an in-depth and dedicated documentary on the main man himself detailing his life in music covering everything from Blink to Box Car Racer to Angels & Airwaves and everything in between. As an avid listener and supporter of everything he’s released with each band over the years, I have always wondered what the reasons behind each song idea were and how the conception of the music came about, which is hard to find when looking for specific songs though the list of thousands of interviews the bands have done over the years but the upcoming Ernie Ball: The Pursuit of Tone series looks set to focus on the highs, lows and reasons why Tom left one of the biggest bands in the world (twice now) to focus on creating some of the most incredible music to date.

Through glimpses already released we’ve seen him open up about his parent’s divorce and the inspiration behind the song “Stay Together For The Kids” in a very raw and emotive interview detailing what he witnessed as a newly 18yr old coming home to discover his Dad had moved out and the way he expressed that through his music.

Also teased is the story behind Angels & Airwaves first hit “The Adventure” and how Tom struggled to find the riff that would later become a widely recognised sound for fans across the globe. Despite the fact this story was already shown in the AvA Doco “Start the Machine“, Tom elaborates a bit more about how the song was conceived and how his friend’s divorce was the subject matter behind it.

We have to wait until August 19th to see the documentary in it’s entirety but until then I for one am enjoying the sneak peeks as to what we can expect when it airs in the States. The full trailer is below, grab your tissues… for your eyes you sick prick.

Until next time, rock the fuck out

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