Jason Richardson leaves Chelsea Grin

The boys were only just in the country last month but it seems differences have hit home for Chelsea Grin with news this morning revealing guitarist Jason Richardson has decided to leave the band citing “Musical Differences” as his reason for leaving. The split is amicable amongst the rest of the band who state on their Facebook page:

“Us and Jason have split amicably, with the decision being based on musical differences and how we envision our next record sounding. Jason has been an asset to Chelsea Grin for years now, but will be focusing on his solo material and we thank him for his time with us. Our new record will be out next summer and we promise you it will be our most extreme release to date. We are back”.


However the boys won’t continue a man down and have welcomed touring guitarist Stephen Rutishauser (aka Speave) to the line up permanently

“Stephen has been playing with us for over a year now and has fit perfectly in the band. Stephen has been a long time friend of the band and wrote the song Nightmares which was featured on Ashes to Ashes“.

Speave expressed his appreciation on his twitter account:


We for one welcome Speave to the line up and can’t wait to see what the boys will produce with their latest addition. We caught up with front man Alex Koehler before their Australian Tour and he dropped a few hints at what fans can expect on their forthcoming album. Revisit that interview here.

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