Is Thy Art Is Murder’s New Vocalist… Tyler Miller?

Thy Art Is Murder New Frontman 2023 tyler miller CJ mcmahon Live Photo: @kim.quint

The past week or so has been monumental in the heavy music community, not only in Australia but around the world; the next chapter in the saga is here, with a new Thy Art Is Murder vocalist officially debuting on stage in Europe, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The now ex-vocalist CJ McMahon was booted from the band due to ‘tip of the iceberg’ transphobic comments and had planned to go live on Instagram on the same day, but instead has responded in a couple of lengthy Instagram videos, outlining his perspective on the situation.

As stated by remaining members of Thy Art Is Murder in their announcement, their sixth album Godlike features a new frontman, with vocals re-recorded in the week leading up to release, with fans determining that the original version had briefly featured online before getting replaced with the updated version later in the day last Friday.

If you’re a physical collector, you’ll be jamming Godlike with the ex-vocalist on the mic. Some listeners were understandably confused as to which versions of the record they were streaming on digital streaming platforms due to uncanny similarities, but diehard fans and audiophiles have swept online forums and provided examples and timestamps for where subtle differences are heard between McMahon and the new vocalist’s style.

So, who is the new vocalist? With European tour dates kicking off overnight, Thy Art Is Murder have stated nothing publically about their new vocalist but WoS and the core community are on the case once again, and we have reason to believe it’s none other than…

Tyler Miller of Aversions Crown.

Miller, had been active with Aversions Crown, releasing the album Hell Will Come For Us All back in 2020, and touring a bunch with the outfit in the meantime. The Nuclear Blast group have been pretty quiet of late on the social media front, with their last post announcing the withdrawal of their US tour back in September last year. Since then, radio silence.

However, with our supersonic speculation glasses (and knowing Miller’s connections with TAIM’s remaining members) it’s easy to pinpoint the frontman’s beard in both the pictures above and below – and knowing the powerful growls that man can produce, it makes sense to include him since there’s been a whole lot of nothing from Aversions camp for some time.

The Aussie group has collected a few vocalists on their belt now, over the course of their career. Brendan van Ryn was their first, followed by McMahon who joined in 2009 and also briefly departed between 2015/16 after returning ahead of their Dear Desolation record.

Time will tell how much involvement Miller will have in the new role, but with a re-recorded Godlike already out, it seems the transition from old to new vocalist is already well underway and Thy Art’s deathcore train is well and truly rolling…

Words by Ricky Aarons and Paul ‘Browny’ Brown

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