Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come For Us All (Album Review)

Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come For Us All
Released: 12th June 2020


Tyler Miller // Vocals
Chris Cougan // Guitar
Jayden Mason // Drums
Mick Jeffery // Guitar



Let’s set the scene. A deadly disease is spreading on planet Earth, and the aliens look on at humankind and observe at the way they strive to adapt and overcome. The world is dark, and in the midst of ultimate bleakness, Australia’s Aversions Crown enter from the wilderness with the soundtrack for 2020, titled Hell Will Come For Us All – the band’s third full length deafening album.

It’s been a good few years since the Brisbane outfit have released a record. They’ve undergone lineup changes and various other challenges which has held back the dropping of this splintering release. But, the time’s finally come, and Aversions Crown fans across the globe have been awaiting it, so let’s take a look at it. 

The band returns with ‘The Soil’ – a tune you’ve heard as a single, but this time as an introduction to the carnage they bring to you on the album. In case you’ve been waiting to hear the track on the full-record, we’ve dissected it for you. The opening thirty-seconds mysteriously commence as new front-man Tyler Miller steps in with a classic deathcore vocal melody. The drums kick in and Miller spews into the mic. Immediately menacing from the get-go, Aversions Crown showcase their polished sound with fusing elements of their ‘aliencore’ former style. Many fans of the record have commented on the band’s evolution with this track, but it definitely depicts a form of growth and diversity to their sound. The eerie guitars sound between verses and queue up to the band’s first monster breakdown of the record, a stunning build up to the end of the track. If you’ve ever heard ‘The Glass Sentient’ from the band’s debut full-length record ‘Tyrant’ you’ll know this band are serious about their breakdowns.

This leads into another song you might’ve heard, called ‘Born in the Gutter’. It’s fast, it’s heavy but it catches its breath after a thirty-second sprint. With a familiar energy to that of Fit For An Autopsy’s melodic echo choruses, Aversions Crown deliver incredibly polarising dimensions to their constant energy. This song particularly encapsulates this sort of post-deathcore wave that seems to be happening, as the Queenslanders continue to experiment with the surprisingly endless possibilities of the sub-genre.

Alright, what about a song you haven’t heard yet? Enter, ‘Paradigm’. The musicians make their production quality immediately known, as they should. You feel like you’re in the room with them. The melodic chords progress to technical chaos as Miller drives the tempo of death metal carnage. This song is simultaneously fast and slow, in a bang-your-fucking-head kind of way – know what I mean? 

Mid-way through the album, the title track ‘Hell Will Come For Us All’ appears. It’s big. No, I mean it’s really large, from the get-go. Miller purges demonic screams behind a rapid tunnel of guitars and drums. The title track is suitably showcased for the album, as it really holds true to the band’s evolution. I’m really enjoying Aversions Crown in 2020. They’ve brought some classic death metal attributes to this record, including this track. The breakdown in this beast is full of ingredients, it’s crunchy and brings a full raft of sensations as you immerse yourself in it without distractions. 

Next up is ‘Scourge of Violence’ which takes over your body with a technical intro that will blow you away. A lot of work has been put into tracks like this, and it feels like it has more layers than an onion. With varying speeds and crescendos, both vocally and instrumentally, the band brings all the different flavours together, beautifully (I know it sounds like describing a curry, but when you listen to it you’ll understand). This song would make a great live-track, and cements this death-metal maturity that Aversions have achieved. Oh, did you want another breakdown? Sure, there you go, just before three-minutes. The drums are like an earthquake, and the retching vocals are like an audial sample of satan – br00tal Az, son. Alright, let’s get a grip, we’re in a bit of a trance!

aversions crown

Haven’t heard enough yet? Fair enough, you’ve been waiting a long time for this, so the band have thrown in a couple more nuggets for you to froth over. ‘Sorrow Never Sleeps’ will have you biting your fingernails in gruesome anticipation for as long as a minute, before the band kick in to deliver a ferocious few minutes of heaven. The band once again bring in those slower melodic echoing vocals that wave through the death metal chassis of the band, delivering an – oh, so beautiful sound. 

Aversions Crown, damn – you have dropped a belter of an album. Oh, what? One more track? Alright let’s take a breath and do this. ‘The Final Judgement’ commences with symphonic grandiosity, with once again an eerie texture hinting at imminent brutality. The track is incredibly technically impressive and continually explosive. With intentional ebbs and flows, the cohesive drums are cataclysmic. The final two-minutes of this record revisit the echoing deathcore capsule of the Aussie band who give it everything they’ve got. It’s so, stupidly, heavy.

We’re going to need a shower after that album, and we hope you do too, enjoy. 

aversions crown - hell will come for us all

Aversions Crown – Hell Will Come For Us All tracklisting

1. The Soil
2. Born in the Gutter
3. Paradigm
4. Caught In The System
5. Hell Will Come For Us All
6. Scourge of Violence
7. Hymn of Annihilation
8. Sorrow Never Sleeps
9. The Final Judgement

Rating: 8/10
Hell Will Come For Us All is out now through Nuclear Blast Australia. Grab it here.
Review by Ricky Aarons @rickysaul90

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