SKYND Takes on The Butcher Baker Himself ‘Robert Hansen’

We love SKYND. Well, Ebony and I do. The rest of the team haven’t exactly jumped on board the True Crime duo’s intense (and graphic) re-tellings of real-life murders and events which shocked nations and made names out of the monsters and their murderous ways.

Having covered the likes of ‘Columbine’, ‘Michelle Carter‘, Australa’s ‘Katherine Knight‘, all the way back to the inspiration behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ‘John Wayne Gacy‘, SKYND and Father create haunting soundtracks for the true crime podcast enthusiasts among us.

The latest entry into their dark and twisted world is ‘Robert Hansen‘ aka The Butcher Baker, who SKYND shares:

 “I was surprised not many people talk about Robert Hansen… I personally consider him one of the most evil serial killers in American history. He not only had a high victim count; he literally hunted his victims in the woods like wild animals sometimes. I can’t think of any other serial killer who’s done that to the extent that Hansen did. That’s why I had an urge to write about it. The hunting, the run, run, run seemed logical to use because the mental image I had while writing the song with Father, was a young girl running barefoot though the forest.”

Father’s looming synth will make you feel uneasy as SKYND sings about Robert tracking down one of his victims, and if you’re a horror aficionado, the music video is four and a bit minutes of borderline Hollywood-esque screenplay that’ll have you shrieking through your hands or quivering in delight like the sickos we really are deep down.

Not long now until SKYND makes an appearance in our upcoming Euro Afterfilm where we caught up with her backstage at COPENHELL to talk all things true crime, heavy music and working with Jonathan Davis so early into their careers. It’s a moment you’ll never forget

Words by Paul ‘Browny’ Brown @brownypaul

Stream ‘Robert Hansenhere

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