SKYND Releases Intense New Track ‘John Wayne Gacy’

Industrial-tinged and true crime-inspired electronic duo SKYND, have performed to some huge crowds lately. Their escapades include Download, Rock am Ring, and Rock im Park, and they are currently on their first headline tour of Europe. ‘John Wayne Gacy’ is the newest single and it’s dark and intense.

In case you didn’t know (like myself), John Wayne Gacy is the murderer that inspired the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and various Slasher films.

“The John Wayne Gacy case has been following me all my life,” Skynd offers. “The level of arrogance he had, and how he spoke about his victims — ‘I killed 33, you’re only going to kill me once.’ That arrogance is something that stuck with me through today. He also had this twisted rationale for his murders, where he’d project his disgust on his rape victims and ‘what THEY made him do, ‘and that they deserved to die.”

She continues, “It’s not like Gacy never drew attention from the authorities. A teenage boy told the Chicago police that Gacy picked him up from a bus station and tried to rape him. The charges were dropped when the boy failed to show up — which is logical to me, as he was afraid — to testify in court and the incident seemingly escaped notice from the Iowa Parole Board. If someone would have looked closely, they could have prevented all the murders.”

In this new track, Father shines as a producer and multi-instrumentalist with such a serious, dark, and uncomfortable feel to the music. It’s honestly a wonder the duo aren’t asked to create tracks for horror/thriller movies.

Stream ‘John Wayne Gacy’ here

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