Citizen Bask in Life Lived & Lessons Learned on ‘If You’re Lonely’


More than ten years in and ten toes down, baby. Damn. Well, back in full force, Citizen taps into a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World sense of levity, sending waves of sentiment and garage rock across the universe. More Rolling Stones than machismo, this American quintet gets up close and personal on the new single ‘If You’re Lonely’ – a bold taste of October’s upcoming full-length, Calling The Dogs

Boasting post-hardcore roots that date back to the early 2010’s, Citizen have endured seasons and circumstance, going the distance while riding the tides of change to find fulfillment in music and message alike. Built around the trio of vocalist Mat Kerekes and the string-bending brothers Nick and Eric Hamm, this powerhouse unit has since expanded, bringing guitarist Mason Mercer and drummer Ben Russin into the fold to critical effect. Together, this five-piece has weathered the sands of time, growing tried and true as they break towards their next frontier! 

If You’re Lonely’ is one of those fantastic musical spectacles that simply throws out expectations, highlighting the odd couple of introspective lyrics and whimsical music at the centre of the song. Stretched out over four minutes, a patchwork of grooving surf and playful punk reflects on things lost, things learned, and maybe some things yet to be discovered. The juxtaposition of wistful longing and humorous acceptance rings with indie rock irony, Cage the Elephant, The Cure–placing this tune, and maybe even the band, in much different company as the dog days of October draw closer. 

Commenting on the tune’s emotional tenor, Kerekes shares:

I grew up around a narcissistic parent and absorbed a lot of that behaviour over time, negatively affecting people close to me. ‘If You’re Lonely’ is about recognizing that, growing from it, and becoming a reliable shoulder to lean on.”

Stay on standby for Calling The Dogs, available via Run for Cover Records on October 6 Run For Cover / Cooking Vinyl Australia, a must-hear for anyone caught in alternative orbit… or just living this weird and wonderful life.

Words by Thomas Hiscock

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Citizen Calling The Dogs

CitizenCalling The Dogs tracklisting

1. Headtrip
2. Can’t Take It Slow
3. Hyper Trophy
4. If You’re Lonely
5. Lay Low
6. Needs
7. Bad Company
8. Dogs
9. When I Let You Down
10. Options
11. Takes One to Know One