Saltwound Cut Deep on Vile New Number ‘The Company You Keep’

Saltwound 2023

Dragging themselves out of Northern California, recent rivals Saltwound turn heads on the heavy new cut, ‘The Company You Keep’. Blistering, bellicose–this American quartet wades in gut-wrenching gloom, spewing violence on a song that cements their name as surefire contemporary contenders.

First to greet the audience is a haunting audio sample–a distorted, hollow taunt that soon fades to a gnarly drum fill; Taking the Alpha Wolf approach, the tune kicks in with an ironclad introduction, showing off harsher, mid-range shouts before the vocalist drops into a churning, muddy roar. Drawing on the raw hate of Varials, but the faster pace of Distinguisher – this track features back-breaking halftime connected by whirling passages of double-bass fury.

Boasting a crisp, confident mix, the drum tone if anything is immaculate. The resonant, open hi-hat is a welcome anchor throughout, and the punchy, marble kicks only drive the point further; absolutely disgusting, the tune is cleaved in half at 2:20, split open by a sinfully brutal groove. Keeping that same energy ‘till the end, Saltwound closes the door on ‘The Company You Keep’ with savage certainty! 

Sharing rage and rancour with the world since their 2020 debut, Saltwound is a violent new voice carving their name on the scene! With two EPs and a lethal handful of singles, I’m thrilled to say it looks like this band is here to leave a sting… and even cut a little deeper while they’re at it.

Words by Thomas Hiscock

Stream ‘The Company You Keephere

Saltwound The Company You Keep