Misstiq & Josh Collard – ‘Earth Caller Renormalizes Proper Tour Lineups’

Earth Caller 2023

We’ve just been treated to a super heavy and massive tour in Australia, led by Earth Caller. The Melbourne metalcore group brought down Swedes Aviana (interview here) and Danes Cabal for both bands’ first ever Australian tour. The Scandinavians were joined by Apate and R U N with locals Relapse and DEADSKIN along for the ride.

We caught the Renormalization show in Melbourne (review and photo gallery here) and had a chat with Earth Caller producer Misstiq and vocalist Josh Collard. The two share tales from the Aussie shows as they prepare for their next Euro run. Misstiq sheds some light on the grind, wearing two hats and how she didn’t want to just join any band (we’ll let you read between the lines with that one). Check it all out below and spin Earth Caller’s latest EP – Renormalization.

Words by Ricky Aarons (@rickysaul90)

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