Earth Caller – Renormalization (EP Review)

Earth Caller – Renormalization 
Released: April 5th, 2023

Earth Caller Lineup:

Josh Collard | Vocals
Misstiq | Vocals and Synths
Josh Renjen | Guitars
Josh Clinch | Drums
Nick Davies | Bass and Vocals
Carlo Darbisi | Guitars and Vocals

Earth Caller Online:


As Melbourne metalcore legends Earth Caller commence their insane tour with AvianaCabal, and Apate, it’s definitely the right time to check out the tunes this tour is commemorating – Earth Caller’s latest EP Renormalization! Whether you’re familiarising yourself with these tracks for an upcoming show, or want to check out what Earth Caller is about with this current lineup of talented musicians, you’re in for a head-banging good time with this release.

A haunting synth intro and a countdown kick this EP off with the first track, ‘Renormalize‘. A synthy clean and catchy chorus alternates with heavy screams and riffs before hitting the listener with a huge breakdown. Each of drummer Josh Clinch’s strong beats is accented by powerful strings and effects courtesy of Misstiq, hitting harder and heavier as the breakdown continues.

Parasite‘ keeps the pace, with a heavy and fast-paced intro, and I love the deathcore vibes present here. Vocalist Josh Collard delivers tough screams throughout as guitarists Josh Renjen and Carlo Darbisi play with pace and skill. Vocalizations are added with synth effects to enhance the track before an intense featured artist joins in. Vocalist Jack Bergin of Void of Vision lends his unique vocal prowess to lead up to a smashing breakdown which drives the fast tone for the rest of the track.

I got the chance to check out ‘Alone‘ when it dropped in September 2022, and I am still as impressed with my introduction to Earth Caller as I was then. My favourite song from this release is an emotional and gripping track featuring beautiful melodies, big riffs, and one large-scale post-bridge breakdown. I find a new appreciation here for Nick Davies’s bass skills, throughout the melodies here too.

Keeping up the trend of heavy-hitting choruses is ‘Graphic‘. Each song so far has something different going for it, and this track is no different. Nick lends some vocal support with some screams prior to a breakdown, and some cleans post-breakdown. The tough themes of this song lyrically led to a public message from Carlo via Instagram. I couldn’t agree more with the statement, “If you feel something, say something”.

The End of What It Was Before‘ has an effects-driven intro before striking guitars cut in and Earth Caller’s finale track kicks off. This track seems to combine every unique element of the EP so far, into one powerhouse of a track. Every segment of this song feels well thought out and hits hard. The choruses are invigorating, the melodies are so enhanced and powerful. I get metalcore-era Make Them Suffer vibes here too. I can’t get over how precise the strings are used in the breakdown, as well as how impactful Josh’s vocals feel.

Earth Caller is at the top of their game as they enter a new era with what might be one of my favourite releases of the year. They are set to take over with their brand of metalcore and if Renormalization is anything to go by, it’s going to be an awesome journey. This EP ticks all the boxes and I cannot wait to see these songs stay on setlists for a long time, beginning with their Renormalization Tour.

Earth Caller – Renormalization EP Tracklisting:

1. Renormalize
2. Parasite
3. Alone
4. Graphic
5. The End Of What It Was Before

Rating 10/10
Renormalization is out now. Stream here.
Review by Tyler Lubke.