Holding Absence Shine Bright and Beautiful on ‘False Dawn’ from Upcoming 3rd Album

holding absense new album The Noble Art Of Self Destruction 2023

Like the sun melting through morning clouds, emotive Welsh rockers Holding Absence are back–a ray of light piercing the scene! With a sound that pushes ‘cathartic’ towards ‘care-free,’ ‘False Dawn’ is a bold number, sure to capture fans old and new, alike! Sticking to their guns, this band is here to prove that beautiful is badass!

Since finding their footing in 2015, Holding Absence has been utterly reckless and relentless! Exporting their own particular brand of angelic post-hardcore, this outfit smartly bridged marketing with moshpits, teaming up with some of metal’s biggest names–from Loathe to Alpha Wolf–for successful split releases! Orbiting around the extraordinary talents of singer Lucas Woodland, this outfit proves that being ‘heavy’ is about much more than sound and fury, simply put.

False Dawn’ pays beautiful homage to UK emo mainstays like Trash Boat, or especially, Leeds’ own superstars, Caskets! Guided by reaching, pained vocals and enchanting harmonies, this tune is a labour of sadness and soul! Pop-leaning in structure, the track as a whole revolves around the impassioned refrain; verses are lively, punctuated by guitar stabs and static drive. While the song’s various appendages stand tall on their own, nothing quite hits like the opening words of the chorus, a heartfelt cry of “save your faith–I’ll let you down again…

Soaring on wings of woe and wonder, Holding Absence drops in to deliver ‘False Dawn,’ a fragile song of faith and love! Already proving to be a force in 2023, it’s obvious that the one thing this group isn’t doing is holding out!

Their third album The Noble Art Of Self Destruction has been announced too, set to drop on August 25th by the mighty Sharptone Records. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll pre-order stat.

Words by Thomas Hiscock

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holding absence The Noble Art Of Self Destruction

Holding Absence – The Noble Art Of Self Destruction tracklisting

1. Head Prison Blues
2. A Crooked Melody
3. False Dawn
4. Scissors
5. Honey Moon
6. Death, Nonetheless
7. Her Wings
8. These New Dreams
9. Liminal
10. The Angel In The Marble